Pagan Preachers

by Wolf Clan

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Wolf Clan's Debut EP
A spiritual tribute the history and mythology of the western world.


released January 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Wolf Clan New York

Wolf Clan is a female fronted Metal band from New York, with lyrics and themes inspired strongly by mythology and history.

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Track Name: Witch Hunt
Verse 1
Reading lines of darkness
With burned bones I've divined my fate.
Branded a Pagan, I prayed.
My goddess, safeguard the road I must take.
In this town lies the Devil's thrall.
My inquisition shall uncover all The Holy See gives me authority.
Now (So) find her, bind her, bring her to me.

Chorus pt
Virgin turned and Mother burned the Crone bloody and coldI curse this heretic who spurned our three-fold Goddess of old.
Chorus pt 2
When they fin'lly met face-to-face
Her body crumbled 'neath his heavy mace
He heard the laugh. She hit the floor
And grinned with pride before she was no more.

Verse 2
His way is lost drowned by his holy cause
he is not the man that he once was
The Truth that i tell he refuses to see
The madness in him will be the end of me
No incantation can diverge my goal, I shall rid this world of unholy souls, your lies are weak I see through your facade
For when you answer to me you answer to God

Chorus 2 part 1
His daughter saw this with crying eyes
The battered body and the severed ties.Away she flew to that blackened mass
To give the nightmare a time to pass

chorus 2 part 2
When they fin'lly met face-to-face
Her body crumbled 'neath his heavy mace
He heard the Cries. She hit the floor
And he grinned with pride for she was no more.

Holy fools. Beware. Smell the blood in the air. If hunting witches is what you do
know the witch to be hunting you.

Chorus 3 pt 1
Spurred on by vengeance and undying wrath, her virgin sisters put her on the path.
Death drawing closer, inching towards his bed. holding his sinful mace
over his head.

Chorus 3 part 2
When they fin'lly met face-to-face
His body crumbled 'neath the heavy mace
She heard the Cries. He hit the floor
And she grinned with pride for he was no more.
Track Name: Muses Of The Underworld
Men of battle sail the sea returning home from misery
Sirens perched upon the rocks haunting beauty in the dark
Sailors hear the haunting hymn, overboard they start to swim
The wiser men will sail away, those seduced forever stay

A shallow grief the gorgeous song will end
The end of the sirens’ song is death

Let me hear the sirens’ song
Angelic voices set me free
Pagan liars preaching wrong
To Heaven sirens carry me

Foreboding winds to fill their sails,
They know not what their path entails
Forsaken souls upon their ship believe they’re on a homeward trip
Maidens they appear to be, blessed and blind the men won’t see
The muses of the underworld and victim corpses torn and hurled

Someone stop the sirens’ song
Demonic grip is choking me
Pagan preachers spoke the truth
To Hell the sirens dragging me
Track Name: Dear Lizzy
Dear Lizzy, do you ever feel pain?
I think you don’t but maybe sometimes you can’t hear the rain
You hear their voices but there’s nowhere to run
Oh bloody Lizzy, too late, what’s done is done

Your heart is made of stone
And soon you’ll too be gone
But while you carry, carry, carry on
Their faces hunt you down until you drown

Dear Lizzy, in year 1561
You saw your first dawn, your journey has begun
And now it’s over, your hands are cold and your skin is pale
Your God won’t help you,
Your time has come, all your prayers now fail

There is a demon in your heart and it was there from the start
The monster eats you from inside, his ugly form so hard to hide
He needs to feast on innocence, devour the youth
The evil lives in Lizzy’s eyes. It will stay there until she dies.
Track Name: Sins Of Our Fathers
This is our curse, our burden to bear
There’s no return to the past
Bracing ourselves we are going to tear
All that they left behind
Who would’ve known how it’s going to end
A fight between right and wrong
It’s time to go, it’s time to claim
The righteousness to the throne

Go and destroy
Lure and decoy

We have to pay for the sins of our fathers
In Valhalla we’ll see them again
The cause of our fight has since long been forgotten
The blood shall be spilled, so let us begin!

Charge down the hill, we unsheathe our blades
Unleash the rage in my heart
Swinging my axe I feel it connect
Tearing his body apart
My brother beside me a feast for the flies
I think of those I hold dear
I pray for their souls as I say my goodbyes
And face the death without fear
Track Name: Send Me To The Sea
Many moons ago we were careless and free
Now the dark cloud far yonder is screaming for me
Maybe it’s time to bid farewell
I hear the toll and it’s calling my name

Somewhere far away
We’ll find a better home, we won’t be alone
My love you must stay
And if the end is near just know you’re not alone

Our hearts in His hands so fragile they’re beating so fearlessly
And the sun and the moon know our courage is with us, will it save us?
Our mothers are weeping for lives that are lost
So pray for us and maybe we’ll find our way home